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BibleBooster is an initiative by Bible Societies for Bible Societies. Owned by the Bible Societies of Brazil, Germany and Netherlands-Flanders, BibleBooster started life as “Integrated Bible Engagement Platform” (IBEP), merging the BibliaPlus app developed by the Bible Society of Brazil and the Bible Engagement Website developed by Netherlands Bible Society. As different Bible Societies started using the platform it became clear that it would become a long-term programme rather than a one-off project. And so BibleBooster was born.

The BibleBooster team are experts in website and app development, with many years of experience in bringing Bible texts into the digital world and engaging with digital communitites. We work in an agile way that includes monthly releases. These regular updates are automatically available for every Bible Society using this BibleBooster service.

BibleBooster and United Bible Societies

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The work of BibleBooster is carried out in close collaboration with UBS to ensure maximum impact. For example, we connect with Project Engage, so that BibleBooster’s user information can be connected to Acquia, the marketing automation tool that it offers to Bible Societies. Marketing training provided for Bible Societies involved in Project Engage and BibleBooster is available through the UBS Digital Academy.

Stronger together

The digital landscape is changing very quickly, and so are user expectations. It can be a struggle for a single Bible Society to keep pace with it all. There are so many questions to consider, on number of levels:


e.g: How do we generate income from digital? How can we leverage digital to make our mission more sustainable?


e.g.: eg: Which modules do we need to reach our goals? Which platforms should we focus on to build our digital presence in the most effective way?


e.g.: How do we create engaging content for our users? How do we create updates for our app?

It can be overwhelming for one Bible Society to handle this all alone. The good news is: you don’t need to anymore! BibleBooster offers you products and services to help you to develop and implement your digital strategy.

BibleBooster is an initiative by Bible Societies for Bible Societies, so we understand your needs. We are ready to come alongside you and figure out, together, the next steps for your Bible Society. We pay close attention to the needs and requirements of Bible Societies using BibleBooster and we develop solutions to meet those needs. That’s why, when you start using BibleBooster, you will already have a solid solution for your digital Bible engagement needs - and  we will continue to build on and improve it as we serve Bible Societies worldwide. There is already rich digital experience in many different Bible Societies!

We are proud of the online community of 5.6 million web and app users in 2022 around the globe. Bible societies benefit from BibleBooster: It provides products and services that help audiences read the Bible online and engage with the Bible Society.

Why join BibleBooster instead of hiring an agency?

BibleBooster offers a much more cost effective, collaborative service than you would get through hiring an agency. 

When you work with an agency you brief them on your requirements and they  create a solution for you, often from scratch, to meet 100% of your specific needs. Many Bible Societies, large and small, have tried this and found that their budget is simply not big enough for this kind of service.  

BibleBooster’s approach is different. We collect together the requirements of different Bible Socieites and create a solution that meets about 80% of their needs, but at a much lower price for each individual Bible Society. In addition, the maintenance and further development of the existing products and services are also a joint effort and therefore more affordable.

What Bible Societies say

Antti Siukonen

Director of Church Relations and Services, Bible Society of Finland

The Finnish BibleBooster instance is a great resource for engaging new audiences. It has enabled us to lift the Bible usage to a whole new level and it offers us ways to deepen the relationship with Bible readers so that also our sustainability is improving!

Talitha Huysamer

Head of Operations, Bible Society of South Africa

BibleBooster is a wonderful way to engage with our different audiences and language speakers, ensuring that we are able to meet their Bible engagement needs.

Rolando Tejada Tuesta

Publications and Digital Transformation, Bible Society of Peru

BibleBooster is a platform that has helped us promote biblical interaction in an easy, innovative, agile and very significant way in the experience. It brings not only the biblical text (and its versions) closer to our audiences but also provides very useful and practical tools to deepen the experience of searching, reading and studying the Bible. This platform is a fundamental part of all our digital offers aimed at all our audiences.

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Do you still have questions or want to learn more about the BibleBooster and how it supports your Bible Society’s mission and serves your audiences? We’d love to talk with you so please do get in touch:


Owned by the Bible Societies of Germany and Netherlands-Flanders.

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