Community and support

The main objective of BibleBooster products and services is to provide your Bible Society’s end-users with an excellent Bible reading and engagement experience. We do this by offering ongoing support and maintenance of your BibleBooster website and app, but also by assisting you with the development of any aspect of digital Bible engagement. Our monthly marketing meetings help you to learn about tools and develop new skills. These meetings are recorded and can be found on UBS’s Digital Academy platform which enables continuous learning experiences for all Bible Societies.

During these contact sessions Bible Societies can also learn from each other. In the BibleBooster community we encourage Bible Societies to share their experiences, challenges, and content because we are all pursuing the same goal of sharing the Good News of the Bible, including using digital tools.

Getting things done

BibleBooster's products and services are not just a one-off deal. When you are part of BibleBooster we will continue to assist you on your journey of digital transformation and digital Bible engagement. This includes helping you to prioritise your digital activity, optimise and create content, take advantage of SEO and social media and get the most out of analytics and email marketing. As a member of BibleBooster, your Bible Society will not only receive one-to-one help with digital Bible engagement but will also be part of a community of Bible Societies who learn together, share content and grow digitally

Digital transformation

The BibleBooster team wants to equip your Bible Society with the essential digital tools to clarify your digital strategy and message. We will do so by working closely with you, listening to your needs and helping you to deliver the best possible Bible engagement experience to your audiences.

By providing your Bible Society with an effective and maintained website and app, BibleBooster strives to help you with the technical aspects of your digital transformation process. This not only includes ongoing assistance with your website and app, but also with other related aspects, such as digital marketing support and training. This includes, amongst other aspects, utilisation of SEO, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and social media for your BibleBooster website and app.

We are also continuously working side by side with UBS (United Bible Societies) to promote, empower and cultivate (digital) relationships between Bible Societies as an online community. We are connected to the UBS Digital Transformation Program through Nelson Saba and the Global Mission Team (GMT).

Become part of BibleBooster’s ‘happy crowd’

There are around 30 Bible Societies across the globe using BibleBooster products and services:

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What Bible Societies say

Tomas Maceliunas

Project Manager, Bible Society of Lithuania

Using BibleBooster means being included in a community of colleagues from other Bible Societies thus allowing us to learn from each other, share ideas and get help in various fields like digital content creation and marketing. The BibleBooster marketing meetings are a great source of useful knowledge. It's very good to hear about the tools that more experienced Bible Societies are using for their effective ministries and try them themselves.

Jaap Groen

Head of Digital, Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders

BibleBooster and the people working with BibleBooster inspire me to think more creatively and more globally about the digital accessibility of the Bible. The team working for BibleBooster somehow manages to find common ground in the wishes and expectations of the different Bible Societies and all their end-users, and at the same time raise the platform to a higher level step by step.

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