January 12, 2023Jacobie M Helena Visser

Our dreams for 2023

In 2023 BibleBooster dreams big dreams. Dreams that serve as goals and goals that will be put into action. So watch the space! Here are the combined dreams we are dreaming of as an extended-core team.

We dream community

We are very proud of how the BibleBooster community has grown since its launch in July 2022. In 2023 we dream of enhancing and strengthening our community of Bible Societies. We dream of serving and empowering each individual as you pursue your mission of spreading the Gospel worldwide.

We dream user-orientated

In 2023 we dream of getting in closer contact with the Bible Societies and their users to learn and understand their needs so that we can offer better products and services for digital bible engagement. Step by step, we dream of getting a more concrete understanding of the Bible Societies' readers' digital needs. By implementing regular user surveys and creating a user forum, we will offer a way to put that feedback into development and simultaneously support Bible Societies in their Bible reading approaches and routines.

We dream digitally

We dream of helping Bible Societies even better in fulfilling their mission digitally. With a new web client and app, Bible Societies is even better equipped to reach and help its audiences online. Thus, we aim to support Bible Societies in reaching their online goals with good products, support and strategy. We dream of seeing an improved Bible app that helps people with their Bible reading online and offline, wherever they may be. Moreover, BibleBooster will onboard small, medium, and big Bible Societies and help them implement their digital strategy with sustainability.

We dream missionally

With a great sense of privilege, we wish to continue to serve Bible Societies worldwide so that they may continue to grow in their mission to take the Gospel to every nation and tongue.


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