September 7, 2023Jacobie M Helena Visser

Poland Takes Digital Leap with New Website

General Secretary Iga  Zalisz Shares Insights on the Society's Digital Transformation

In a recent conversation with Iga Zalisz, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Poland, we delved into the digital transformation of the Bible Society and the launch of its BibleBooster Essential web implementation. Iga provided valuable insights into the society's journey towards enhancing its digital presence, sharing the challenges and successes they've encountered.

The Bible Society of Poland embarked on this digital journey over a year ago, beginning with launching a new website. However, it wasn't until recently that the project took off, as the Polish public became more aware of the website and its online presence through social media channels. Iga explained that the society aimed to make the Bible readily available to all through its website, a significant step forward for an organisation that previously lacked online Bible reader and engagement features.

One of the most significant accomplishments of the Bible Society of Poland is including the Bible on their website, allowing users to read the Biblical text directly from their platform. This addition fills a crucial gap for society, as many other organisations, churches, and publishers had their translations available online, while the Bible Society did not. This newfound accessibility to the Bible online has received positive feedback from the public, a testament to the impact of this digital initiative.

Iga also highlighted other essential features of their website, such as integrating blogs with Bible verses. This feature enhances user navigation and engagement, allowing visitors to move between text and commentary seamlessly. Although still in its early stages, society has been actively promoting these features through social media and newsletters, working to ensure that their audience can efficiently utilise these tools.

One of the key takeaways from the conversation with Iga is the importance of user-friendliness. The Bible Society of Poland recognises that their website should cater not only to their own team but also to visitors who may be encountering it for the first time. Ensuring that users can easily find and navigate content, search for specific Bible verses, and engage with the website has been a primary goal.

The website's launch marks a significant shift in the Bible Society's mindset towards digital engagement. Iga mentioned that it's essential to change the culture within the organisation to prioritise digital initiatives. They have also embraced a user-centric approach and actively seek user feedback to enhance their digital offerings further.

Looking to the future, the Bible Society of Poland has plans to expand its digital presence, including the addition of login features and extra content within the BibleBooster website. This expansion aims to create a sense of community around society's digital platforms, particularly among young people. Furthermore, they plan to offer digital access to young audiences participating in confirmation classes or attending public schools, allowing them to interact with the Bible online.

Additionally, the Bible Society of Poland is actively working on integrating e-commerce capabilities and implementing Salesforce to gain more insight into their audience and potentially generate revenue.

Despite the challenges, the Bible Society of Poland remains committed to its digital journey. They have successfully initiated a culture shift within the organisation, recognising the importance of digital engagement in today's world. As they continue to improve and expand their digital offerings, they are poised to reach and impact a broader audience with the message of the Bible.

The Bible Society of Poland's transformation is an inspiring example of how even small teams can embrace digital tools to make their mission accessible and relevant in the modern age. It witnesses the enduring power of the Bible's message and the ability to adapt to changing times.


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