May 3, 2023Gisela Liedtke

New Strategy Period: Achievements, Challenges, and Learnings

As we enter the new month of May 2023, it's time to reflect on the previous strategy period and look ahead to the new one. During the period of April 2021 to April 2023, BibleBooster successfully implemented a new website design to enhance the user experience, improved the Bible text and audio Bible with direct API from DBL, and added a new lexicon module for professionals as part of the Extra-Biblical-Content module. However, the project faced challenges such as multiple changes in the project management team at the beginning and later being affected by the war in Ukraine.

The focus for the new strategy period will be on creating a new mobile app, developing an updated architecture plan and implementing a new BrandEditor, as well as creating a marketing module for Pro & Plus. BibleBooster also has two teams working on rolling out its services to new Bible Societies: Nelson Saba's team at GMT will implement BibleBooster Essential, while the BibleBooster team will focus on the Pro and Plus version. Palestina and Poland have already launched their new BibleBooster Essential websites this year, while there are more Bible Socieities in preparation. Sweden and Canada are preparing a Pro/Plus version that will be launched this year, too.

One major learning from the previous strategy period was the need for more agile planning. In the upcoming 2023-2024 strategy, BibleBooster plans to work more agilely with a backlog that can be extended by feedback from Bible Societies at any time and a monthly decision on which tasks to implement next.


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