May 31, 2023Jacobie M Helena Visser

Unveiling Lithuania’s Website

A Reflection on Innovation and Progress

Since its launch in May, the Bible Society of Lithuania’s BibleBooster website has steadily gained traction. Although the user base is currently small, the response has been promising, with a few registered users opting for the premium features. With increasing popularity and awareness, the Bible Society of Lithuania aims to entice more users to explore the premium offerings.

Tomas Maceliunas, Project Manager at the Lithuanian Bible Society, shares more about their current favourite new features since their launch: 

The most beneficial feature of this new website is the audio Bible feature. While it is a great and natural add-on for Bible readers, it is also beneficial in marketing. All non-premium users see the speaker icon on their screen and easily understand what they would get in premium mode. In our context – the audio Bible is a very important product we want to distribute on our website. Also, listening to the audio on the website gives more control and options than when provided in the mobile app.

Expanding their offerings, they plan to add one more historical Bible translation in Lithuanian. And they are looking forward to features that enable content sharing between Bible Societies easier. They can then adapt and publish devotionals, Bible reading plans and other materials.

The Lithuanian Bible Society was established in 1992 by representatives from eight main denominations. Since its founding, the organization has played a crucial role in promoting the dissemination and accessibility of the Bible throughout Lithuania. The society has grown and currently operates with a staff of three dedicated individuals. Traditionally a predominantly Catholic country, Lithuania has gradually shifted towards secularism in recent years. However, the work of the Lithuanian Bible Society continues to serve as a valuable resource for people and communities engaging with the Bible.

Tomas shares: “We want people to engage with the Bible not only by reading it online but by forming a habit of reading it daily, comparing different translations and learning new things about life during the Biblical times. We want them to discover various concepts related to the Scriptures and their walk of faith. BibleBooster integrates this content and features into one platform, so for the reader, it is very natural to explore everything provided and find the best way to engage with the Bible.”


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