November 14, 2022Jacobie M Helena Visser

Updates and celebrations since the end-July launch

Since the BibleBooster website 4.0 launch end of July 2022, it has been anything but quiet in the BibleBooster digital office. The Bible Societies that launched in July, Argentina with the BibleBooster Pro version and the Essential implementations of Ecuador, Ukraine and Angola have been working hard to ensure that their end-users have an excellent digital Bible reading experience. 

Releases since the launch

We are very excited about the recent features the BibleBooster developers have been working on since the launch in July. Currently, the new releases have, amongst others included:

  • User accounts with new registration flow and email verification
  • User notes and highlights
  • The ability to add different available fonts
  • Audio Bible functionality
  • New roles in WordPress and Brand Editor
  • The functionality in WordPress to preview
  • An update on Google Analytics

We celebrate with the Bible Society of Portugal

We are celebrating together with the Bible Society of Portugal their remarkable growth in Google Analytics this past year.

Lídia Fletcher, Publications and Communication Coordinator at the Portugal Bible Society share the strategies they implemented the past year that led to their massive growth in analytics: 

  • A better definition of our profile in Google business, and LinkedIn, with better customization of keywords
  • An easier domain name ( with a good rate in Google search (5th on the first page)
  • Newsletters always refer to the website, and all the information in one website (elimination of other websites for projects)
  • YouVersion welcoming journeys sending people to the website
  • New welcoming journeys for new clients registered on the online shop and also registered on the website.

Lídia shares that to see such big growth in their website has been very encouraging, but also a big responsibility and has pushed them to look for more and better content for their website. This way people can find the content that they are looking for. She continues: “It is important to have a digital presence and to always send more to the website with more information, have all the news also updated on the website. Getting more movement to the website and putting it on the first page for Google search for Bible.


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