Release Plan

There is a monthly schedule for new modules. As soon as all the modules a Bible Society uses have been published, this Bible Society will move to the new version.

July 2022 (Version 4.0):

  • BibleBooster Essential
  • BibleBooster WordPress Plugin
  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • Basic Website with bible reader module, posts module, and pages module
    • Reading plan module
    • Verse of the day module

September 2022 (Version 4.1):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • User Account module
    • User notes and highlights module in Bible Reader
    • Audio Bible module
    • Adapt standard font
    • Wordpress and Brandeditor roles (backend user groups)

November 2022 (Version 4.2):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • Structure for Extra-Biblical Content (EBC) and Lexicon content in WordPress
    • WordPress migration script for posts, pages, and reading plans
    • EBC and lexicon migration script
    • Preview content in WordPress

December 2022 (Version 4.3):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • User API with Mautic integration
    • Extra-Biblical content UI incl. lexicons
    • Search Bridge for Bible book abbreviations

January 2023 (Version 4.4):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • Premium and voucher module
    • Search for Extra-Biblical content and lexicons
    • Study Bible module

February 2023 (Version 4.5):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • Liturgical texts module
    • User notes & highlights overview page and search
    • Professional search module

March 2023 (Version 4.6):

  • BibleBooster Plus & Pro:
    • Multi-language module
    • Content-sharing module for WordPress


BibleBooster Essential

A test environment can be created for your Bible Society on short notice.

There is a schedule to launch more Bible Societies already in place. Implementation is done by Nelson Saba's team. Please get in touch with Nelson when you'd like to work with BibleBooster Essential.

BibleBooster Plus and Pro

A test environment without accounts can be created for your Bible Society on short notice.

Publishing implementations for new Bible Societies will be started in April 2023 after all modules have been published.


Owned by the Bible Societies of Germany and Netherlands-Flanders.

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