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BibleBooster provides a website and a mobile app which focus on optimising the experience of online Bible reading and supporting Bible engagement. It can serve the needs of those with little or no experience in Bible reading, as well as people with deep knowledge of Scripture.

It is the only digital Bible platform that enables you to combine Bible text with your own content, providing a strong, customisable digital presence for your Bible Society. Its features and solutions can be implemented by Bible Societies of all sizes. Premium accounts, which require users to pay for content, can provide your Bible Society with income. Below is an overview of the different features available – you decide what would work for your Bible Society.

If you join BibleBooster, a website will be set up, showing your Bible Society as the publisher, and using your Bible Society’s branding. Users of your website will not see anything about BibleBooster or other Bible Societies. Our BibleBooster white label mobile app can be set up the same way, using your Bible Society’s branding, but our "Bible for You" app is generic and therefore does not display any individual Bible Society’s branding.

We are currently in the process of launching a new UX and design for our websites and this website displays the new design. Some of the BibleBooster website examples we link to here are still using the old design and will be updated in the coming months. Following the website update, we will be focusing on improving our mobile app.


Visit the feature list for more details and contact us to learn more about the plans we provide.

Data protection

BibleBooster is used by Bible Societies which have to meet the highest data protection requirements. We therefore attach great importance to privacy and data protection, especially concerning user data. We pay attention to GDPR: Users’ data is only stored on European servers. Feel free to contact us for your detailed questions on data privacy.

Examples for you to check out

The first Bible Societies using the new design are the Bible Society of Argentina in Spanish, and Suriname's Bible Society in Dutch.

We have two English-speaking implementations still using the old design: the websites of the Bible Society of Kenya and Bible Society of South Africa. They both currently show the old design, but will be updated in a few months.

Screenshot from Kenya's Bible Engagement website
Bible Engament website of Kenya's Bible Society using the Enriched Website

Screenshot from South Africa's Bible Engagement website
Bible Engagement website of South Africa's Bible Society using the Enrichted Website

You can find links to the mobile apps in the footer of both these websites.

And you'll find links to all websites using BibleBooster here.

Please note: Currently we don't provide new implementations for the mobile app. We will start working on the app in the next strategy period. But you can nevertheles have a look at the "Bible for You" generic app, which the Bible Society of Kenya is using and the native white lable app used by the Bible Society of South Africa.

What Bible Societies say

Dr Christoph Rösel

General Secretary of German Bible Society

As German Bible Society we have been developing our own Bible applications for almost 20 years. But when we joined BibleBooster (website and app) we increased the number of sessions and page visits by more than 30%. And at the same time, we were able to reduce our costs significantly. BibleBooster offers our users a high-quality Bible experience and streamlined administration for our digital team. Even adding a new Bible translation to our website and app is almost effortless.

Eliza Pap

Executive Assistant, Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania

BibleBooster helps the Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania to be more visible. It is easy to use and simplifies placing information, photos and testimonies on the website. Each page is easy to be accessed by end-users. So all together it is a friendly tool.

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Do you still have questions or want to learn more about the BibleBooster and how it supports your Bible Society’s mission and serves your audiences? We’d love to talk with you so please do get in touch:


Owned by the Bible Societies of Germany and Netherlands-Flanders.

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